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Softball - Girls

Seventh District Softball (Girls ages 6+)

2018 Registration will be open Feb 1st thru March 11 th!!!!!!

  • Important Dates
  1. Registration February 1st thru March 11th
  2. Coaches Meetings (Week of March 20th)
  3. Fields open for Practice Wednesday April 1st  (7th District)
  4. Opening Day for all teams Saturday Saturday April 28th (7th District)
  5. First Regular Season Games begin Monday April 30th (All School locations)
  6. Tournament begins  (Several Age Groups)  Saturday June 2nd
  7. Tournament ends Saturday June 16th  (End of Season)


The Seventh District Softball Program has a softball team for just about everyone!

Practices will be held 1 to 2 days per week starting April 1st. All practices will be held at Seventh District.

Opening Day will be held the April 28th. The regular season schedule will follow and will continue throughout the school year.

Games will be played at Seventh District, Fifth District, Prettyboy and Sparks.

Once the games begin, the practice schedules will change. Please contact the current softball commissioner for additional information.

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  • Grades Kindergarten-1st-2nd (6-8 years old)

  • These teams are for first graders with at least one year playing experience and all second graders.

    This is a coach pitched league, only swung strikes and foul balls count as strikes. There are no walks.

    The 1st/2nd teams will typically have two games per week with games being scheduled on the weekends only when necessary.

    Participation trophies are awarded to all participants.
  • Grades 3 and above (ages 9-16)

    These teams are for all boys in 3rd grade and higher.

    Beginning at the Grade 3-4 Age 9/10 level, there is no coach pitching (with the exception of the coach assist after a pitcher has a count of 3 ball on a batter)

    There are umpires for all games.

    Games are typically held one or two evenings per week with games being scheduled on the Saturday mornings only due to limited field availability during the week.

    There will be a tournament held at the end of the season for the participants in these age groups with trophies being awarded to the winners in all age groups.


All players will receive a team visor, shirt, and socks that they may keep.

Players must provide their own softball shorts, a glove, a batting helmet, and a water bottle.



Registration Information

Registration is online!

$80 per participant for Grades 3-4 ages  and older (checks to be made payable to 7th District Rec Council) 


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