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Tots Program - FAQs

Seventh District Tots Program - FAQs

What are the goals of the Tots program?

Our aim is to provide a fun, enriching, and meaningful Preschool experience for you and your child. We strive to provide a nurturing environment in which 3 and 4 year old children can learn, grow, develop, and transition into a classroom setting. Our program is age appropriate and helps children develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually by learning through play.

How many children are in each class?

Our 3 Year Old class has a maximum of 12 children, while our 4 Year Old class has no more than 16. There are at least 3 adults present at all times during the day, including a Lead Teacher or Director, Teacher's Assistant, and/or a parent volunteer.

What are your age requirements?

To join our 3 Year Old Class, your child must turn 3 by Sept. 1st of the school year; our 4’s Class requires children to be 4 by Sept. 1st. All children must be potty trained to attend. If your child’s birthday falls after the Sept. 1st cutoff, they are welcome to join the class after they reach the appropriate age, space permitting. Please keep in mind that the BCPS age cutoff is Sept. 1st. Admission to our program does not constitute early admission to Kindergarten.

What qualifications do your staff members have?

Our highly qualified teachers’ goal is to meet each child’s needs in order to help them reach their potential in all areas. Each of our lead teachers holds multiple degrees and has a vast array of teaching experience. All staff members are required to complete continuing education and are First Aid/CPR certified. Please see the "Meet the Staff" section for more information about each of our staff mmbers!

Our Preschool is fully licensed by the State of Maryland Child Care Administration.

What does a typical day at Tots look like?

A day at the Seventh District Tots Preschool is filled with a variety of activities. A typical day may follow this schedule:

3 Year Old Class
Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:00- 12:00

9:00 Kiss and Ride Arrival
9:15 Circle Time
9:30 Center Time
10:00 Free Play
10:20 Clean Up and Circle Time
10:30 Bathroom Break
10:45 Story Time
11:00 Snack
11:15 Outside Play/Table Toys
12:00 Kiss and Ride Dismissal

4 Year Old Class
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

9:00 Kiss and Ride Arrival
9:15 Morning Circle Time
9:30 Center Time
10:00 Free Play
10:30 Clean Up and Bathroom Break
10:45 Snack Time
11:00 Outside Play/Gross Motor Play
11:30 Story and Discussion
11:50 Bathroom/ Lunch set up
12:00 Lunch/Rest Time
12:45 Whole Class Game/Activity
1:00 Outside/Follow-up activity
2:00 Kiss and Ride Dismissal

We invite you and your child to spend a day with us at no obligation. Contact us to set up your visit!

How is a co-op different than a drop off Preschool program?

One benefit of a co-op program is that parents and family members are an integral part of the preschool day. As a parent participant in the program, you will get to volunteer in class 1-2 times each month, accompany your child on various field trips, help to plan class parties, etc. We love to include the whole family-some of our volunteers are grandparents or other family members, and siblings are welcome to attend most of our trips and all of our parties.
Another benefit of a co-op program is that we are able to keep our tuition costs down because of parent participation. As a result, our program offers some of the most affordable tuition rates in the area.

By choosing a co-op Preschool you: 

  • Participate in your child's education
  • Observe your child's interactions with others
  • Become a part of a community of parents
  • Contribute your talents and interests
  • Experience the rewards of working with young children
  • Learn creative parenting skills, exchange ideas with parents and teachers, and connect with your community

We recognize that the degree to which parents can spend time volunteering in the classroom may vary because of constraints such as work schedules and the needs of other family members. As such, we work with each family to create a volunteer schedule that fits everyone’s needs. Many of our parent volunteers hold full time jobs, yet are still able to participate in this experience with their child.

Here is a link to a great article about the benefits of a co-op program: http://www.washingtonparent.com/articles/0810/cooping.php 

What will I be responsible for as a Parent Volunteer?

On the days when you are the parent volunteer, we ask that you arrive in the classroom 20 minutes before the beginning of the school day and stay until dismissed by the teacher. Due to state regulations, no other children are allowed to accompany you on your volunteer days.

Please bring a healthy snack for each child, along with any needed serving utensils. 

During class time, you’ll participate in circle time with the children, assist them with their centers, play games, read stories, help serve snacks, etc. We also ask that you help keep our classroom clean and maintained by assisting during clean-up time, wiping down the tables and chairs, and organizing the toys. Our teachers and staff lead the class-there is no advance preparation or special training required on your part. There are also jobs that can be done outside the preschool day, such as helping to prepare crafts and Memory Books at home or joining the Clean-Up crew.

We do conduct background checks on each classroom volunteer through the Baltimore County Government website. Contact the program co-chairs for further information.

What schedule do you follow?

Since we are located in the Seventh District Elementary School building, we follow the BCPS school calendar as well as the inclement weather delay and closing policy.

Our 3 Year Old class is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12. Our 4’s meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-2:00.  

Where are you located?

Our classroom is located around the back of the Seventh District Elementary school building, near the covered walkway leading to the Kindergarten wing. 

Does my child have to be zoned to attend Seventh District Elementary in order to attend your Preschool?

No, our program is overseen by the Seventh District Recreation Council but is not solely tied to Seventh District Elementary. All children are welcome to attend.

What are the costs associated with the program?

Our fees are as follows

  • A non-refundable Registration Fee of $50.00 per child must accompany your application. 
  • Semester 1: Sept.-Dec., Semester 2: Jan-May
    • 3 Year Old Class: $450/Semester
    • 4 Year Old Class: $850/Semester

A sibling and referral discount is offered. Fundraising support by parents supplement the cost of the program. We also welcome donations of toys, educational games, and craft supplies. 

How do I enroll my child?

Our registration is handled online through Stone Alley.  Please email the co-chairs at 7thdistrictots@gmail.com for more information.

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